L A Y E R S  a n d  L I B E R A T I O N

Intimate photo session that tells a story of a girl who entangled in her own thoughts, feelings and beliefs, finds the way to peel off her layers and discover herself.

Covered by layers of fabric, she felt limited, imprisoned and unhappy in her own world. The layers that weighed her down were her doubts, fears and lack of self-esteem. Each layer was hard to strip. It took months to peel them off. They were heavy and unconstructive, but they were her comfort zone. She felt cramped, but safe inside of her bubble.

Yet there came a day when she finally found courage to reach her hand out and peel off the first layer – doubts. With doubts not carrying her down any more, she managed to peel off another layer – her fears. With her fears under control, she then started to nourish her self-esteem and managed to take down the last layer.

Writing down her thoughts and listening to her heart helped her immensely in that process. On the day she gathered the strength to leave her comfort zone, she looked at herself mesmerized. She forgot how beautiful, strong and independent she was. She felt like a goddess in her own body and slowly learned to play with life. At that point she started feeling peaceful, happy… and curious. Curious of what life had in stock for her. She was ready.