Stone & Water

As boudoir photographer in Italy, I love shooting outdoors. Forest is my natural habitat, mountains are my sanctuary and photography is my language.

This boudoir photo session with Magda is very special to me for a series of reasons. First of all we created a great relationship based on trust and friendship. Magda loves photography and saw our session as a form of art, which I loved, because it meant that it wasn’t just about me photographing a subject, but it was about creating art together, it was about speaking the same language. We both had important roles in the process and every photo we created is a fruit of our sensitivity. 

Creating in nature is my here and now, my way to detach from reality and to connect with my imagination. The time stops, my world shrinks to the space I’m in and the person in front of the lens becomes the most important in the whole world. 

Light is a key factor as well and on that day it was how I like it most – soft and clean. No hard shadows, no harsh highlights, just painterly smooth tones on a bright skin. The intimacy and melancholic mood that the forest gave us was a perfect canvas for boudoir and nude shots that we created. The session was like a theatre play in harmony with nature. 

The location I chose for the session also played an important part. Forests of Pratomagno mountain in Tuscany have a fairytale air to them. They are dark, humid, covered in fern, cut by springs and divided by rocky walls. They invite to walk in, close your eyes and set your imagination free. They feel like home.